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     Are you aware that the Old Testament was orally dictated and transcribed in an Aramaic language, originally? And, that this Aramaic translation was called a "Targum", which derived from a Hebrew word meaning-translation.

     In fact, biblical history dictates, that in most instances, the person reading the text was unable to relay the message clearly in Aramaic, and as a result, in many cases debates have risen surrounding whether or not the information  shared amongst early believer's was delivered properly. 

     In fact, in 400 A.D., Saint Jerome requested for the first revision on the Latin Bible, with the assistance of Pope Saint Damasus I.  Saint Jerome used both the Hebrew and Latin text to create his Greek translation. That translation was completed in 405 A.D. - Four hundred and five years after the death of Christ. 
     Surprisingly,  it wasn't until the mid 1800s, when scholars began recognizing tremendous amounts of errors in those biblical text.  Even more interesting, some scholars believed it was extremely important to compare biblical text from the Hebrew Bible, with the Greek Bible. In doing so, scholars found even more tremendous inaccuracies. 

     Ironically, it was in 1946 when the National Council of Church in Christ introduced its revised version of the Bible, classifying it as "The Revised Standard Version".  Later on, several other Protestant Churches introduced their translations titled- "The New English Version".  And, in 1973 another revised standard version appeared under the name "The Common Bible". Seemingly, this was the first English translation approved by Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Greek Orthodox religious leaders. 

     This is why I find it important to study the scriptures. The knowledge shared within the New Testament gives us some understanding for what we are seeing in our world today. Looking at the scripture below, you learn about people tampering with the scripture, as a way of discouraging people from believing in God.

"Now the spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils" -I Timothy 4: [1] KJV 
     In learning this, you shouldn't become discouraged from continuing your walk by faith. In fact, this should give you reassurance that the wisdom shared in the scriptures is true. So true, that people are doing everything in their power to keep you from attaining the light out of darkness.
     So much, it seems the presence of love once freely given by people has dimished from our world, more so today than any other era. People seem to have become more comsumed with hate, merely because, they believe it is easier to hate someone than to love them. Ironically, today's world has been conditioned to be leary of one another; always inspecting one anothers means and purpose. Truthfully speaking, it's quite scary, especially if you do not believe in God.
     This is why you should read Reconciliation with the G.O.A.T.  Doing so, you gain the power to become free from illusions cultivated by cunning craftmen.  You become enriched with the ability to know what the scriptures say, while gaining the power to walk in its truth...                                            






"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."-Proverbs 4:[7]